What excites you about your generation?

Let’s be honest, Generation-Y? We are a breed of our own.

Born in the mid-1980’s and later, Generation Y legal professionals are in their 20s and are just entering the workforce. With numbers estimated as high as 70 million, Generation Y (also known as the Millennials) is the fastest growing segment of today’s workforce.

I love how ambitious we are, social, and itching to make an impact. We want to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

You’re probably wondering, “Where is she going with this?”

Hi! It’s been a while :’) In case you did not know, I recently graduated and I’m currently working full-time as a Marketing and Communications Analyst. I LOVE IT!

I’ll be honest though, I’m not too fond of the top-down leadership style. Seriously? It’s 2014. It’s all about open-concept work spaces that promote engagement between all workers – regardless of their seniority. It’s no longer an exception, but the norm. What’s with these cubicles, walls, closed doors, and even assigned desks? I may not be pleased, but I love the experience. It allows me to know what I want and don’t want in a workplace. For now, I’ll enjoy my cubicle :’) ’cause I probably won’t be working in this sort of environment after 8 months, heh.

..and that’s the great part about Gen Y. Job hopping is the ‘new normal’ for Gen Y. Supposedly, ninety-one percent of Gen Y are expected to stay in a job for less than two to three years. You know what? I completely agree. I don’t want to be “stuck” at a company that  does not embrace the work-life blend, does not have a positive culture, or focuses on presence more than performance. I want to experience and explore. Why? A great part of our life is devoted to our career-choices/decisions.

How a typical American/Canadian spends their weeks. Reference: http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/05/life-weeks.html
How a typical American/Canadian spends their weeks.
Reference: http://waitbutwhy.com/2014/05/life-weeks.html

I used to dislike it when my teachers told us, “Do what you love in life and our careers!” I kept on thinking, what? Well, I would not make ‘a lot’ of money if I did what I love. Wrong. First of all, it is subjective on what ‘a lot’ of money is. More money does not mean more happiness. If anything, it is temporary happiness. Family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, and enjoying what you do gives you long-lasting happiness. I rather do what I love and strive to excel at what I love doing (which equates to an increase in income overtime) than do what I hate and make ‘a lot’ of money.

So, embrace it! Enjoy what you do. Throughout your lifetime, you should make career choices and many career changes. Do what makes you genuinely happy, and do not be afraid to make career changes. Do not settle for a company because you think no other company will hire you, etc. Life’s too short to settle in on anything :’)

❥ Pinkie

PS. I am writing this blog with my heart on my sleeve. What I have to say is from my personal experience and I will not tolerate any hate comments ^^; Please be mindful of others.

PPS. 15 more days until I have my own bedroom! I’m so excited! Therefore, I’ll start filming Youtube videos beginning of June :’)


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