My 23rd Birthdayyy!

Hi : )

I know my birthday was last week but a number of you have requested that I film a vlog, SO HERE IT IS! On Oct 4th, we had dinner at a British/Pub kind of restaurant called The Monk’s Table and went to Nuit Blanche.

Ahem. In case you don’t know what Nuit Blanche is . . it’s an annual all-night arts festival that happens in Toronto!



TBH. All I really wanted for my birthday was to spent quality time with my friends since we’re so busy with our lives–I really wanted to use this opportunity as a time for us to reunite :’). Thus, I chose to do more of a get-together “party” ^^;.. keeping it small made it feel like we’re catchin’ up rather than eating. Heh. THANK YOU ANITA, ANTHONY, CHRIS, CONNIE, EMILY, JUDY, KEVIN, LAN, MINH, PARK, RICKY, SYLVIA, TRANG FOR COMINGGG ❤

As for Sunday, which is my actual birth day (October 5th) my boyfriend brought me to an Italian restaurant and surprised me with Cirque Du Soleil :DDD It was my 2nd time going to a circus, but I hardly remember what my first experience was like D: …BUT DAMN. I instantly fell in love with the music at Cirque du Soleil’s Kurios. It ranged from classical to electro-swing, and jazz ❤ AWESOME!

Ty bby for taking me there (●´∀`●) I’ve been itching to go there, but I kept on forgetting LOL.. oh dear.




&& thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. I couldn’t have asked for more ❤

Each and every one of you mean so much to me! Thank you for supporting me! /hugs

❥ Pinkie

PS. I am writing this blog with my heart on my sleeve. What I have to say is from my personal experience and I will not tolerate any hate comments ^^; Please be mindful of others.


FAQ: Short Hair, The Hottest Trend

I’m all about empowering women to embrace short hair with all its fierceness and femininity. #TEAMSHORTHAIR

If you’re from the GTA and you’re looking for the best hair salon, then you’re at the right place 😉

Maya Hair Salon – Ranked #1 on Yelp

I agree with a lot of the reviews, so don’t expect ambiance the moment you step into the salon. It’s quite small, so make an appointment because it does get quite busy. When I first arrived, I definitely felt very welcomed and it’s so cute how they offer you a juice box while you’re waiting. LOLL ..costed me $30 for the cut, which is good imo!

I had Chiharu, which I highly recommend her! It was my first time getting a hair cut from an Asian salon so I was quite prepared as I was warned by the reviews that there would be some sort of language barrier. I’d say 2 – 3 pictures should be enough to get your points across (:

Here are the pictures I showed to Chiharu:

Jin Se-yeonJin Se-yeonJin Se-yeon

Can you guess who she is? Jin Se-yeon :p I loved her hair so much in Doctor Stranger, I had to get the same cut. LOL #doesthatmakemecreepy #whatever (PS. I highly recommend Doctor Stranger, such a good kdrama!)

So, I told Chiharu that I haven’t had short hair since I was 10? I was quite nervous because I have been going to the same hairstylist for the past 7 years, so it’s hard to trust another stylist. D: It felt like I was taking a risk, so I asked her to keep an additional inch in case she over-cuts. The process took about 20 mins! She didn’t over-cut and did a great job :’) ❤ I’m def going back to Maya Hair Salon!

Overall, I definitely don’t regret this haircut! I’m so glad I did it because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’ve been noticing a lot of celebrities and Youtubers sporting the short hair, which partially influenced me to do it too. Basically, I went through a 1/4 life hair crisis!? (Is that even possible, LOL). I couldn’t see myself have long hair for the rest of my life, it’s so tiring to maintain long hair D: Honestly, the biggest reason for this life-changing cut is that I’d rather do it now than later because I don’t want to have short hair during my wedding day. Honestly, LOL (If you follow me on my Facebook Page, you’ll have noticed that there’s been a lot of engagement talk going onnn ^-^;). #IFYOUAREREADINGDIS #IAMWAITING LOLL.

FAQ that was not answered in the video:

  1. Previous Hair Salon and Hairstylist:
    Shear Magic Team, Chris
  1. How would I describe your fringe to the hairstylist?
    Diagonal and wispy!
  1. What’s your Everyday Hair Routine like?

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❥ Pinkie

PS. I am writing this blog with my heart on my sleeve. What I have to say is from my personal experience and I will not tolerate any hate comments ^^; Please be mindful of others.