Life Lessons I’ve Learned

Hey Linda ūüėÄ i think you are a very inspirational person! do you mind sharing with us your top major life lessons that u have learnt from ur past experiences. thanks ūüôā

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1. Career

Truthfully, it took me 4-5 years to realize what I wanted to do and I have my subbies to thank for that. Ever since I could remember, I wanted to be a part of Canada’s Justice System (whether it meant becoming a lawyer or a paralegal). However, Youtube has changed my life. Specifically speaking, my followers and subscribers have changed my life. In my previous post,¬†What excites you about your generation?¬†I talked about career changes and choices. If you can spare 5mins, read it! Then you will understand why I think it’s an important life lesson. I knew I wanted to make an impact on the world, but it took a lot of courage to step out of my comfort zone and go for what I’m passionate about. Literally, I spent the past 6 years devoted to Legal Studies. It was frightening, but I’m so happy that I made the decision to go into Business and Marketing/Management. To reiterate from my previous post, “Enjoy what you do. Throughout your lifetime, you should make career choices and many career changes.¬†Do what makes you genuinely happy, and do not be afraid to make career changes.”

2. Education

This goes hand-in-hand with my previous paragraph. It took me 4-5 years to realize that education is not the only way for us to become successful in life. Yes, it plays an important role in life but experience¬†do speak louder than your GPA.¬†If two people had a 3.0 GPA, how will the employer determine which one of the two is a better fit for the company?¬†Experience, personality, etc.¬†One could be educated, but it is does not necessarily mean¬†that he will be successful unless he puts his heart and soul into achieving what he wants. Education does, however, boost your chances of becoming successful but it isn’t an end in itself. Education will provide you with a base, a strong, and solid foundation but it is completely up to you to build upon it.

Granted, if you’re looking to go to Grad School then grades are important because of the admission standards.

3. Relationships

Gosh, I cannot stress how difficult but rewarding it is to maintain relationships. Whether it’s a with family member, friend, or significant other. I learned that no matter¬†how much you fight with your family, you will always love them. I can’t even begin to explain how painful it was to have unreasonably strict parents, who could not merge their culture with the Western culture. However, I learned that it’s unreasonable because I’m different–I’m more westernised than they are. ¬†No one is to blame, but I had to learn to be very, very patient with how they are and I know that they are only trying to ‘protect’ me. Never do anything to break your parents’ heart because they’re the ones who will stay by your side, no matter what.

Friends and significant others. Frankly, I treat them the same. Both require good communication,¬†trust, patience, etc. Be there for your friend and significant other. I don’t think one should be significantly more important than the other. If my friend needed to talk to me, I’ll spend time with him/her. Don’t become one of those people who falls head over heels over their boyfriend/girlfriend and spend every minute with them. It’s not cute, it ruins friendships and relationship. Everybody needs some lovin’ (:

In conclusion, these may be generic or obvious for some of you. However, life can become so hectic that we start living in the moment and start taking people for granted.

I hope this reminds each and every one of you¬†that life is short.¬†Live each day like it’s your last! Make a long-lasting impression, be proud of what yourself.


PS. I am writing this blog with my heart on my sleeve. What I have to say is from my personal experience and I will not tolerate any hate comments ^^; Please be mindful of others.

PPS. I want mint chocolate chip ice cream ;_;…