How To Prioritize Your Life

Hi Linda 🙂 I was readin one of your lastest reply to a question, and i realised that you said that school is your no.1 priority;& i was curious as to how you are able to balance everything in life like studies, relationships, socialising etc coz I find it a struggle to have a balance and I’m afraid to go into a relationship cozthere might be a chance it might greatly impact my studies?Also when did ur parents let you have a bf ?& wen will you be uploading a new fashion vid? exicited xD xx

Today I will be shedding some lights into a very important aspect of our lives that most people aren’t even the least conscious of, prioritization.

Planning and prioritizing does not happen overnight and it takes a lot of time and effort. It can be difficult and frustrating because you may feel like everything is important ><; /sigh

1. One Step at a Time

I personally like to create a to-do list/weekly agenda because it ensures that I don’t get distracted and lose track of important things that need to be done. Don’t over-load your agenda either though; 2 – 3 goals should be more than enough 🙂  It’s better to create short-term goals because they encourage you to set realistic, easy to accomplish goals. I know I have a tendency to plan out my life but I think it’s more important to live in the moment.
Note: Life-time vision gives you short-term motivation; it doesn’t give you immediate satisfaction.

2. Over-Achiever

I can guarantee that the majority of us are over-achievers. Don’t get me wrong, being ambitious and an over-achiever does not have to be a negative trait. However, it can be bad if you are doing more than what you can handle. I have this underlying fear of failure or self-worth and I would always try and strive for goals based on a pure desire to achieve. Achieve what? I breathe and live for accomplishments and distinction. Let me tell you, do not fall into this over-achiever syndrome. Sometimes I’ll accidentally skip my meals because I’m so focused on achieving my goals. What helped me overcome the over-achiever syndrome is changing my mentality. We’re human beings, not human doings. Find the balance ➛ work hard, play hard. Pick up some personal hobbies like cooking and baking (:
Note: Sleep eight hours every night (sleep actually aids memory and retention) and load up on nutrient-rich foods.

3. Relationships

Family and friends are what’s going to keep you sane in life. I’m not against dating but I do think the timing of it is important because it can negatively affect your grades and well-being. Think about the amount of time and energy you are willing to maintain a relationship with this person. Are you both willing to put in 90% of the effort? How are you going to convince your parents to let you have a boyfriend?  It wasn’t until 2nd year of University my parents allowed me to have a boyfriend. It truly makes your life so much better when your parents approves :’)
Having a significant other requires a lot of attention and effort. If you really care about someone and want to be with them, you will find a way to make time. Don’t dwell on the past and address any problems you may be having because if you choose to disregard it, it can start to affect all aspects of your life. I see my boyfriend at least twice a week but it depends how heavy our work-load is.
Note: Make the people you love a top priority, always. Don’t make people a priority that only makes you an option.

4. Social Life

Achieving a balance between academics and social life can be frustrating and stressful at times. If you cannot make a lot of time for your friends, why not have dinner with them? Everyone needs to eat 😀 Join a club or organization, have a study date/party, or work out with your friends. It helps if you make one or two commitments a month with your friends and that will motivate you to work hard now so you can enjoy your time with your friends later. Resist temptations and say no to peer pressure :’)
Note: Make the most of your College years and not waste your time—or huge amount of money—on alcohol and partying. Be responsible because education does determine your future.

Also, I want to recommend a book called, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women: Simple and Practical Ways to Do What Matters Most and Find Time For You”. Let me know in the comments, how do you prioritize?

There is no such thing as an ending. This is just the beginning,

❥ Pinkie

PS. I am writing this blog with my heart on my sleeve. What I have to say is from my personal experience and I will not tolerate any hate comments ^^; Please be mindful of others.

PPS. I hope to have my Fall Fashion Vid up by the end of November :3